Winter is Unstoppable. So is Simpson.

Winter is one of the harshest seasons for commercial roofs. Our industry-leading roofing experts can help prevent snow, ice, or wind related issues before they sideline your business.

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Our roofing experts will ensure your roof is winter-ready.

Fall Inspection, Winter Protection

Without a crucial fall inspection, your roof could have easily-fixed vulnerabilities during the harshest season of the year.


Winter Damage Is Costly

Simple maintenance like removing leaves and clearing drainage points can prevent dangerous debris buildup and ice damage.


Protect Your Investment

Maintenance keeps your manufacturer’s warranty in good standing, protects your investment, and, most importantly, ensures your assets and occupants stay dry.

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Pre-Inspection Homework

We look through building plans and satellite imagery of your roof to understand its entire maintenance and composition history.

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Inspect All Major Components

Including the field of roof, flashing details, penetrations, roof drains, and metal flashing. We identify small issues before they become big issues.

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Create Detailed Report

Personalized roof inspection reports with satellite photos, site photos, general conditions, and any areas of concern with recommendations to remedy the issues with costs to complete.

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